Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The one and only Ace.

Probably my most favorite hotel in the world finally opened its doors in the eclectic neighborhood in London, known as Shoreditch.  I first showed my face at the Ace when I was in NYC over the summer for Governor's Ball Music Festival.  I had fallen in love immediately.  It could have been all of those shaggy, good looking hipster boys that were lounging as I entered the lobby or those delicious cocktails infused with fresh lavender, but whatever it was, I knew everything was going to be alright. 

Tucked away near some of the best vintage shopping to be had,  fresh tunes coming from the DJ sets in the lobby to turntables with a collection of vintage records in your room, this is the place to be.  Not only do they have the coziest robes in the city but to put it simply, you just feel at home, a very hip and cool home.  Be sure to be here next time you're in London. 

Photos: 1-5, Ace Hotel; 6-9, personal photos

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